Massimo Tamburini has left a huge void in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing him because he was a man and a professional who lived all his life to his ethos: Passion_Determination_Humility. Never before the motorcycling world was enlightened by a man of his genial creativeness and love for technical perfection and beauty of design. Not always was he gratified by the appreciation of the people who worked with and for, yet he never compromised.

When on Dec. 31, 2008, the events of life led him to close his years long relationship with the make he loved above all others, MV Agusta, he retired to his home on the hills of the Republic of San Marino and, as requested by his contract, he did not establish any new contact with other companies in the motorcycling domain. But his genius would never accept to remain idle for the requested time: three years. He would just let his thoughts fly free after his ultimate dream: the purest, most advanced sport bike ever conceived.

All through his professional life, Massimo had to work within the limits imposed by a number of factors: homologation regulations, budget ceilings, limits of production standards. Now his creativeness had no fences. His target was extreme, but still absolutely realistic: a pure, superbly refined racer, but so rationally conceived that it could be put into regular, though limited production. Simply put, Massimo’s ultimate bike had to be lightest and most compact in its displacement class, absolutely innovative as for technical performances and design. To realize the ultimate dream of his life, Massimo accurately selected a small group of technicians employees to whom he passed the guidelines of his project.

First he involved an old friend with whom he had in common the same unrestrained passion for motorcycles with a very solid professional experience as a project engineer in Ferrari F1 and with whom Massimo had already had many opportunities to share the technical experiences and solutions at the highest technological levels. To finalize the computerized drawings of his dream, Massimo was assisted by two young technicians who under his lead have had the opportunity to expand their professional experience working on such an ultra-sophisticated project. Massimo later completed his team closing an agreement with a trusted professional he had already cooperated with in the past and who now was partner in of one of the leading Italian firms operating in the domain of composite materials and complex modeling. His involvement was very important as it would allow him to operate freely having access to the most advanced technologies that would grant the success of his most exclusive and sophisticated project ever. For the power unit, Massimo selected the BMW S1000RR in its Superbike edition, possibly the most refined four cylinder engine in production today. For three years Massimo kept honing in his mind the basic concepts of his ultimate project.

Then, when he was free from all his obligations, on February 2012, he started working to the realization of the prototype bike, first at his computer to define the structural and geometrical parameters of his new chassis. This included computerized mathematical modeling and the design of all the other components of the chassis, each one subjected to FEM analysis, in order to optimize their weight in relation to their structural function. This was a decisive factor in the process of development of the vehicle, which allowed Massimo to develop an exclusive concept able to rapidly adjust the flexional rigidity of the frame without changing any component.
This concept has been duly patented and is now integrated to the frame production. While defining all the engineering aspects of the project, Massimo could not certainly miss working directly in the definition of the style which has been able to mold into a design like no other. The engineering and the styling work at the computer were completed in about one year.

During the definition of his project, Massimo has developed and realized the frame then working on the definition of the styling, transforming the computerized sketches into the life-size mockup, shaping the clay by hand with immense passion and incomparable beauty. With his customary titanic determination he set himself on a very tight schedule to complete this final style of his creation. He worked an average 12 hours a day, but always with a smile and keeping his spirit high and determined. Massimo has left us all with a very well defined Motorbike in every detail, this was his last concept and for this reason the family was fully committed to finalize his last dream. This is the task that has been assigned to his son Andrea, who had worked by his side for more than 20 years, together with all the team that have been involved since the beginning to complete and honor this incredible creation. Through the willingness of the Tamburini family and the entire Team, the dream has come true and they have delivered a Super Bike that will represent a legendary mile stone within the Motorcycle world. As a consequence of the great motivation inducted in all the people that have been involved in this magnificent project of Massimo, the Tamburini Family, in respect of the last desires of Massimo himself, has created the Massimo Tamburini Srl company, with the main scope of revealing to the World his last and most important project, the most exclusive motorbike ever made.

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